Introductions to the album ”Lite för bra”

This album is my 9th as solo artist and the 6th as lyricist/composer. The Strindberg album contains my own music and there are two CDs with words and music by the poet/composer Birger Sjöberg (1885-1929).                                                                  

Now I´m proud to say I´ve learnt how to record at home on my own from the album ”Nära till allt” (In the middle of it all”) 2007 and three more productions forth, but this time I wouldn´t have the loneliness of making all the decisions and I really longed for sharing the process in a studio with proper musicians and best friends!                                                  

These ten titles are by no means translations, I have merely tried to write down what I would have said as introductions when I played either the Albert or the Carnegie Hall.                                                                                                

1. Dansa därför, Dance Because: For how long may we safely rest in human harbour, when far from shore the foghorns cry in need? We tap into the stone our only question: Why? So, dance because! Dance against  indifference, dance against the numskulls, dance because!

2. Lite för bra, A little too good: We go so well together, built a nest together, made music together. There´s only one tiny flaw – We´re a little too good, too good to be true, too good for each other, simply a little too good!

3. Vi grälade på ICAs parkeringsplats: We quarrelled while parking outside Tesco´s about my future hardships as a widow. You claimed I exaggerated, I said: Misery is all I can expect.

4. Jag och mina himlakroppar: Me and my Heavenly Bodies, we are in a relationship, we find each other attractive, reluctantly rejecting other bodies in space.

5. Skapelsen,  Creation: The following minutes will be held in honour of Creation.  As in Michelangelo´s painting, index fingers pointing, brainwaves flash. We are ever creative of our gods, our next steps, our destinies. This song celebrates creativity,  lightbulbs  above our heads.

6. Tankens flykt, The flight of thought: What if a single thought found its way out of the gray fat meanders of the brain and flew upwards through space, beyond our solar system on a journey without return and began missing its head and all the other thoughts. To prevent this from happening again, better get an umbrella.

7. Ät dig smal: Eat yourself slim, weep yourself cheerful, sleep yourself tired… etc.

8. Terapiblues: Therapy blues. My inner Cry baby, my inner Bedrock, my inner Horse power, my inner Fire fighter, my inner Buddha, my inner Criminal… etc.

9. Ajö kasta sten, Farewell throwing stones: In the yellow season two elderly siblings tidy up and close the summer house, saying farewell to summer, childhood and all things of summer and childhood.

10. Alla är chef: Everyone´s boss, no one is boss. You tell yourself what to do and sack the guy who´s firing you!