In English

Maria Lindström is music and poetry in a combination that will not let one rule over the other. Literary folk may be a possible genre description. Her background is a music/choir school with further education to become a teacher of music, which came to an end when Maria joined a theatre group  – Garderobsteatern (Wardrobe Theatre), specializing in children´s theatre, puppet theatre and poetic cabaret. Maria started performing  solo in 1983, doing one hour shows in a local restaurant, with a lot of touring back and forth, mainly to Stockholm, her old home town. After nearly 30 years in Malmö, Maria and her husband/pianist etc, Kjell Andersson, moved back and tried their best to make a living in the capital.

Ten solo albums, one book of poetry, plenty of awards, Maria is not slowing down, her latest album ”Lite för bra” is released i Nov 2015. For English introductions to her lyrics, see menu below!